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SeNd Technology was formed to provide simple solutions to provide communication between remote, unmanned, machines and processes. In recent years our product range has expanded into the home automation and the security market.
Primarily based on mobile technology our devices are simple to use, install and, due to their competitiveness, offer a fast return on investment.

With over 18 years experience in this market we can advise of the best product for you application.

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18 Years



Ready to put your ideas to work?

Avior is an industrial DIN rail unit for supervision and control through WiFi and cellular networks. Avior can work both as a passive remote controller managed by remote commands or as a programmable controller deploying actions in response of events. Avior has plenty of input, output and communication channels, each of them can be enabled or disabled and can trigger events.

6 digital inputs | 4 analog inputs | 4 relay outputs
Remote & local control | Programmable by means of simple behavioral rules
Alerts to multiple recipients on local events (SMS, Call, Email, Chat, HTTP...)


Popular Products



Ideal for control systems where you want to send SMS and Email messages when any of the 12 inputs change state, exceed set values etc. Battery backup and relay outputs. 



Low cost SMS alert & control device. 4 inputs, 1 relay output device with built-in battery backup for power fail alerts.



Used to remotely control things such as automatic gates, heating systems, shut down machines, start pumps etc.. 

2 relay outputs and 1 input channel

alpha gsm


Mini Alpha PC with embeded GSM modem allows any alerts or varaiable data displayed on the local LCD to be sent as a SMS message


GSM Outdoor Alert 2

An IP rated battery powered SMS alerting unit for locations without any local power. 1 year battery and 5 message recipients.

adesys octalarm


Battery powered SMS alert unit in a IP rated enclosure for remote sites with no power eg. water tanks. Batteries last up to 2 years.

These are only a small slection of our products. Please choose products from the menu for the full range

How it Works...

Connect to a remote machine and when an alarm triggers a SMS or email is sent over the mobile network...

Connect volt-free digital triggers, count time or pulses, read analog, temperature and remotely control.

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