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SeNd Technology Ltd
Pond Cottage
West Berkshire
RG17 9QH

"Are you getting the message yet?"

SeNd Technology Ltd


01488 762 763

Call to discuss


SeNd Technology
are installed in a barn in the sleepy village of Inkpen in West Berkshire.
You can contact us by:
  • Phone:  01488 762 763  (add 44 if not in the UK)
  • Fax:       07092 383861 (do they still exist?)
  • Chat:     click on the chat window below right

If you have an application or would like to see how our products work then please call and we can arrange a time for you to visit or we could visit you.
Call or email first so we can ensure we have adequate quantities of tea and biscuits.
Company details:
SeNd Technology Ltd
Reg no: 04484855  VAT: GB801441869
21 Years
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