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NEW Avior - WiFi, 2G & 4G
Monitor and Control your remote machines, plant and processes

Avior is an industrial DIN rail unit for supervision and control through WiFi and cellular networks. Avior can work both as a passive remote controller managed by remote commands (CLOUD) or as a programmable controller deploying actions in response of events (EDGE). Avior has plenty of input, output and communication CHANNELS, each of them can be enabled or disabled and can trigger events:

  • Ten inputs including digital, pulse counter and time counter plus configurable analog inputs

  • Four dry contact relay outputs

  • Wiegand interface

  • Infrared transmitter and receiver

  • Com port (command and transparent mode)

  • Local and remote expandability

  • Dual power supply with monitoring and working time counter

  • Backup battery with monitoring and working time counter

  • Upgrade over the air (command)

Quick Facts:
  • 10 selectable Input channels
  • Digital Inputs
  • Analog/Temperature Inputs
  • 4 Relay Outputs
  • Multiple alerts by SMS,Call, Email, Chat, HTTP
  • Battery Backup
  • Remote & Local Control
  • Rule based programming
  • Web-based monitoring
  • Scheduled events

Avior can receive commands and sent by emails, chat messages, HTTP links.
All units provide WiFi and Bluetooth communication. Additional features available for units equipped with cellular communication for 2G 3G and 4G networks:


  • Send and receive SMS

  • Send and receive phone calls

  • Play audio file during phone calls

  • Detect keyboard commands during phone calls

  • Provide fallback connectivity when WiFi is not available

View, Monitor and Configure
Your Avior Online......
Avior - Introduction to hardware
AviorSuite - Initial Setup & Rules
AviorSuite - Using Groups
Usage example:

Each Avior unit can process up to 500 Events and each event can have multiple triggers, conditions and actions. In the example below when a heater is ON (Dig In 2) and the temperature exceeds 30degC it turns the heater off and sends an email and SMS.


Description of events:

Main Trigger - Digital Input 2

Condition - Digital Input 2 is ON (closed)

Additional Condition - Analog NTC Input 1 Temperature is greater that 30degC

Action - Relay Output 1 (Heater) is OFF

Additional Action - send email to confirm

Additional Action - send SMS to confirm

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How it Works...

Connect to a remote machine and when an alarm triggers a SMS or email is sent over the mobile network...

Connect volt-free digital triggers, count time or pulses, read analog, temperature and remotely control.

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