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GSMNotify is a compact IP-rated SMS alerting device to enable you to monitor and control your remote machinery, plant, and equipment.


GSMNotify is a self-contained SMS alert system contained within an IP65 rated plastic enclosure. It can be used indoors or outside allowing you to monitor 4x volt-free switch signals from water tanks, door switches, trap doors etc.. Powered from an external 12v supply it alo has optional battery to alert you of external power failure.


How does it work?

Install a SIM card and power up the GSMNotify unit and you are ready to configure the messages you wish to send when inputs are triggered. 

Quick Facts:
  • 4 volt-free inputs
  • 4 relay outputs
  • SMS alert messages
  • 20 message recipients
  • Customise messages
  • PowerFail option
  • IP rated enclosure
  • Standard batteries
  • Input delay
  • Scheduled messages

Send custom SMS from your remote locations 


  • Input 1 closes (float switch)  - "High water level" SMS send to 8 people.

  • Input 1 opens (float switch)  - "Water level OK" SMS send to 8 people.

  • Mains power fails - "Power cut at remote site" SMS send to 8 people.

Usage examples:
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How it Works...

Battery powered and wakes up when the input is triggered so ideal for remote sites eg water tanks.

Connect a float sensor and, when triggered it will wake up the GSMOutdoorAlert and send the "Low water" SMS to your mobile phone 

New Message

Water Tank

Low water level 
at Tank #34
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