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GSMWhitebox2 is our entry product to enable SMS messages to be sent from a simple switched input.


GSMWhitebox2 can accept 4 volt-free signal inputs and can send a customisation SMS message to 3 recipients on the inputs closing and opening.

The built-in battery backup provides power fail and power restore alerts make it a useful product for both residential and commercial use.

A 240vAC/10a relay in included which allows you to remotely turn things off and on (if safe to do so)


How does it work?

Install a SIM card and power up the GSMWhitebox2  unit and you are ready to add the recipients and configure the messages you wish to send when inputs are triggered. 

Usage examples:
Home Alarm with just a local siren, Add GSMWhitebox2 into the siren power circuit and receive a message when the alarm is triggered.  "Home alarm triggered"
Quick Facts:
  • 4 Digital Inputs
  • Customise messages
  • SMS on close and open
  • 1 Relay Output 240Vac/10a
  • 12-24vDC powered
  • Battery backup
  • External antenna
  • Status and signal message
  • Low running costs

Send custom SMS alert messages via the mobile network
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Connect volt-free digital triggers, count time or pulses, read analog, temperature and remotely control.

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