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Landline, GSM and VoIP dialler

The Octalarm-Touch is an alarm dialler for monitoring critical technical processes. As soon as a process interruption is detected, Octalarm-Touch will start alarm calls to the service staff. This enables corrective action to be taken in time, preventing damage and production loss.

Application Examples

The Octalarm alarm dialers are often used to monitor critical processes. This could be for monitoring greenhouses in the horticultural sector or in intensive cattle farms for monitoring cowsheds for example. The Octalarm is also frequently used in industry for monitoring machines or production processes.

Comforting Certainty

The Octalarm is an alarm that is completely at home in an automated environment where there aren't always people present to monitor the processes. This product has been developed in close cooperation with users and insurance companies so that the latest preferences and requirements can be met.

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starter kit prices
  • Wall mounting enclosure (IP42), dimensions 280 X 240 x 42 (WxHxD)

  • 8 alarm inputs, 2 relay outputs, and 2 open collector outputs for external buzzer/flashlight

  • Supply voltage 100-240VAC

  • Analog telephone lines, GSM & VoIP (three double guaranteed)

  • Octalarm Connect subscription with 4G sim card & VoIP server calling. (chargeable)

  • Secure connections with OpenVPN principle

  • Automatic repeat call up

  • Built-in emergency power supply (lifePO4 battery) to alert power failure

  • Remote Setup (worldwide) with management with App, Octalarm Portal of web browser on local company network

  • Full Logbook with audit trail and easy filter functions

Quick Facts:

How it Works...

Connect to a remote machine and when an alarm triggers a SMS or email is sent over the mobile network...

Connect volt-free digital triggers, count time or pulses, read analog, temperature and remotely control.

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