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The Alpha has reached end of life and is no longer available.
Please look at the Avior as an alternative product for your application

Alpha GSM 
combines the local control of Mitsubishi's micro PLC with the ability to send SMS messages to be informed of problems, production data selling product with thousands sold into all markets and industries.


By designing and adding a small custom GSM module, that sits and is powered internally within the expansion slot in the standard Alpha XL DC PLC, you can now control and monitor your machine or process in one compact product.

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Alpha PLC with GSM


  • Production machine process controlled by the Mitsubishi Alpha, When it runs out of material its sends a SMS. At 6pm each day is sends a SMS with the daily production total and the cumulative total as showed on the local LCD display.


Usage examples:
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Quick Facts:
  • ​Mitsubishi Micro PLC
  • Logic & SMS Alerts
  • up to 15 inputs & 4 outputs
  • Local LCD message display
  • Send LCD messages by SMS
  • Embed variables in SMS
  • Basic PLC logic
  • Send values to the PLC

Control your simple machine or process and send SMS messages too
Two models:

How it Works...

Program the Alpha GSM to run your machine logic and set it to send messages on actions - faults, schedules, varaiable data etc..

Display production data on the local LCD display and using the send SMS function forward this by SMS to any mobile phone

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