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Mobi.Key allows you to control your process or access system just by calling or sending an SMS.


Mobi.Key has two relay outputs that you can switch ON or OFF by a caller ID protected call or a custom SMS message. Ideal for automatic gate control where you can give access to only know users without having to manage key fobs or entry cards.


How does it work?

Install a SIM card, attach the external antenna and power up the Mobi.Key unit and you are ready to configure who has access to control the relay outputs.

  • 2 Relay Outputs
  • 1 Counter/Hours Run Input
  • Pulse output
  • 500 users
  • Timed & Token control
  • Remote Configuration
  • Web-based monitoring
  • Scheduled events

Remotely control by SMS or free call.
Quick Facts:
Usage examples:

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Configure remotely using the
My.Mobi Web Portal
  • Gate Control - Just ring to open your gate or barrier
  • Heating - Call or send a SMS to turn heating on remotely
  • Disable - shut down a process remotely - eg send "stop" by SMS
  • Start - Switch a pumping system on remotely - send "start"
  • Use two units as a pair to turn on off systems automatically
    eg - a float switch on unit 1 send a SMS to unit 2 to stop a pump.
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How it Works...

Connect to a gate or door control system and when you call or text it will open...

Connect to the gate controller and when you call it will check your authorised and open the gate

New Message

Open gate
Just call to open
"Ring Ring"
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